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Website bitmally.net
Registrar domain PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.com
Domain reg 2019-01-19
Domain exp
Nameservers ns1.thcservers.com
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Currency Price:
1Token = 0.0000125฿ or 0.00045⟠

Investment Plan:
2% Daily For 14 Days Total ROI is 128%
Instant Withdraw
Min Deposit is $10 and Max Deposit is $50,000

The procedure for the initial placement of tokens, or ICO, is an unregulated operation to collect cryptocurrency assets. For potential buyers, ICO is fraught with a large number of risks, in particular, with the risk of losing all cryptocurrency assets spent on acquiring tokens.The information provided in this document is intended for informational purposes only
and is not final, should not be construed as an offer to enter into a deal with any company or individual mentioned herein, should not be construed as a recommendation or advice,
and is not a guide to action.

You express your consent to the Disclaimer and accept full responsibility that may be placed on you as a result of using the information provided in this document. Under no circumstances will the administration of the Bitmally project be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damage resulting from the use of the information in this document, including non-compliance by the investor with the legislation of the jurisdiction in which he/she resides.

This document is not a substitute for professional advice and an independent factual assessment or verification. You should independently verify all information you find in this document for the purpose of investing or taking any other actions. If you have any doubts about the content of this document, please contact professional legal, financial, tax, and investment consultants.

Project Description!
Bitmally is a decentralized anonymous email with the ability to make transactions.

Bitmally email allows its users to communicate with each other, exchange cryptocurrencies and fiduciary money, while remaining completely anonymous and protected from their information being intercepted by third parties, fraudsters, or government agencies. The contents of each user's email are stored on encrypted servers.Only the user with a password that unlocks the encrypted data can get access to the contents of the email address. The password to the encrypted data is known only to the user and can't be recovered if lost.

Protection against unauthorized access, deletion and loss of information is achieved through its duplication on several servers. Users are able to set the retention period, after which the information is deleted automatically. Accounts that are inactive for over a yearare deleted permanently.

Each newly registered email account will receive the automatically generated internal cryptocurrency wallets such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, ZCash, Dash, and Dogecoin.

The wallets can be topped up either using a third-party transfer, e.g. a cryptocurrency exchange or a currency exchange office, or using a bank card, bank transfer, or other popular payment systems.

The ability to exchange fiduciary money and cryptocurrencies between users will be implemented. Mutual settlements between users will take place completely anonymously, using an internal Escrow service to protect against fraud.

Bitmally e-mail allows users to communicate with each other and exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money while remaining completely anonymous and protected from being intercepted by third parties, fraudsters, and government agencies.

Confidential information that is sent by e-mail is protected by end-to-end encryption. This means that even the service administrators are not able to study it.

If data is deleted from virtual containers, memory blocks are overwritten and it becomes impossible to decrypt data, even if servers should be seized.

The service is able to protect data by backing it up on multiple servers and distributing it among all network users.

Mobile apps:
Mobile apps for iOS and Android have been developed for user convenience.

Cryptocurrency transactions:
Each e-mail account has cryptocurrency wallets. The user can receive and send cryptocurrencies.

Fiat transactions:
You can deposit and withdraw funds using fiat money with a minimum commission fee.

Road Map

November 03, 2018 COMPLETED
Applying our beliefs about email industry in a fair business model

November 17, 2018 COMPLETED
Official website
Start of development of the official website of the project

December 15, 2018 COMPLETED
Launch official website
Launch of the ICO campaign website, Bitmally.com. Publication of the final edition of the Whitepaper

January 7 � March 15, 2019 NOT INITIATED
Pre-ICO Implementation

March 15 � May 15, 2019 NOT INITIATED
Conducting the ICO

March 15, 2019 NOT INITIATED
Web version
Start of development of the web version of the project

Alpha test
Alpha testing of the web version

Beta test
Beta testing of the web version.

September 2019 NOT INITIATED
Official launch of the Bitmally project (web version).

October 2019 NOT INITIATED
Tokens on exchanges
BMT tokens listing on cryptocurrency exchanges

November 2019 NOT INITIATED
Mobile apps
Start development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Bitmally Tokens Information
Tokens total number 200,000,000 BMT

PRE-ICO January 7 � March 15, 2019

PRE-ICO Tokens for Sale 40,000,000 BMT

PRE-ICO Token price 0.0000125฿ or 0.00045

PRE-ICO Minimum Purchase 1,000 BMT

PRE-ICO Maximum Purchase 20,000,000 BMT

PRE-ICO Soft cap $500,000

PRE-ICO Hard cap $2,000,000

ICO March 15 � May 15, 2019

ICO Tokens for Sale 100,000,000 BMT

ICO Token price 0.000020฿ or 0.00075

ICO Minimum Purchase 1,000 BMT

ICO Maximum Purchase Unlimited

ICO Soft cap $2,500,000

ICO Hard cap $10,000,000

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Whitepaper: https://bitmally.net/upload/whitepaper.pdf

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