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BitF – The Zero Emission, Carbon Offset Digital Asset.

The BitF Project
Carbon Offset Bitcoin
BitF is a digital asset designed to have zero carbon footprint.  In addition to being built on an energy efficient base – BitF pays Carbon Offset for the energy required to run our blockchain.

The BitF asset will power the "BitF Carbon Exchange".  This exchange will facilitate the trade of Carbon from producer to end user using any digital currency.   BitF and it's blockchain will be used for both currency and as a Carbon Offset Aggregator.

BitF will use its POS rewards and rewards from Masternode operation to pay Carbon Offset on behalf of the BitF blockchain.

Our block rewards currently award 75% to the Masternode and 25% to stakeholders.

MasterNode Operators
Maternode operators play a vital role in ensuring the BitF network is available to accept and process a transaction in a timely manner.   All Masternode operators are compensated for their time and server costs by receiving a percentage of the block reward.

If you have 5000 BITF and are interested in becoming a Masternode operator – you can download our software from our site or compile from GitHub. 

Current Supply:7506549.4892831
Maximum Supply:25,000,000

Coins were primined to provide compensation and incentive for current and future needs.
2.5m Assigned to BitF
1.5m Founders
1m Team
1.5m Bounties And Givaways
1m To Market

Currently trading BITF/BTC on Crex24.  If you are interested in joining our project send us an email or join our discord channel.

Exchange: http://www.crex24.com

Wallet Downloads: https://bitbucket.org/astingl/bitf/downloads/bitf_wallet.rar

Twitter: @BitfDev

Discord: https://discord.gg/AuPTM2r

Github: https://github.com/BitFdev

Blockexplorer: https://blockexplorer.bitf.cc

Email: [email protected]

Github: https://github.com/BitFdev

Discord: https://discord.gg/AuPTM2r

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