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A New Decentralized Bitcoin

Bitcoin Ultimate (BTCU) is a new decentralized cryptocurrency that will bring many features and benefits along the way. The idea is to have a better Bitcoin and make Satoshi's vision into a reality.

Bitcoin Supreme members will be able to mine, stake and quickly transfer their BTCU to anyone, anywhere in the world at a very low cost. You will be able to use BTCU for online purchases.

General Info:

Algo: Scrypt (Hybrid – PoW/PoS)  |  PoS Reward: 10%  |  Last PoW block: 10,000  |  Total supply: 310800000


33% of the coins will be given through Bountyes and Airdrops, while rest can be mined.





Pools removed as we passes block number 10,000 and from now on its only POS



As you may know, BTCU is online for a quite a while. In December we had issue where 10% of the premine was dumped by our another admin on Crex24 at 1 satoshi. We kicked him immediatelly from the team but damage was still made. Therefore we announced hardfork to a new X11 coin with masternodes.

Fork did not happen as while testing new coin for over a month, masternodes were not working properly.

Final desicion is to continue with BTCU without forking.

We extended node hostings, block explorer, uploaded new wallets.

There is only less than 0.13BTC left on 1 satoshi orders on crex24 so we are ready to skyrocket.

Meanwhile we are stting up the shop where you will be able to use BTCU for goods purchase.

First few items to be added will be Ledger nano, few smartphones and merchandise like custom designed BTCU shirts.

Have in mind that the price will be fixed in USD. So if value of BTCU is bigger, you will spend less BTCU on purchase. So smart move is to grab 1 satoshi coins while they are still there.

Also there are generous rewards for people staking the coins.

Also to mention, there is no more premine, we gave all away in bountyes, sold some for crex24 listing and lost 10m so coin has nowhere to move but up.

Enjoy and join discord for updates Smiley


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