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      Voytek BEAR Coin
      Website: https://voytek.fund/

      Voytek BEAR is designed to reduce euthanasia of homeless pets through providing blockchain solutions, win-win investing strategy and cryptocurrencies fundraising platform.

      Many Voytek BEAR Coin community members (especially early adopters) would recall frustration, some months before our coin was born, as being part of different community � SolaceCoin (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3297659.0).

      At the point when the developers were away for months and wallets not working/syncing Voytek Mich decided it was time to take action. He engaged community and proposed, in order to save everyone�s time and money invested in mining SolaceCoin, to fork SolaceCoin offering airdrop 1:1 for all the SolaceCoin located in wallet at the time of snapshot (block height 300000). SolaceCoin was created with a very noble and just cause, to help others in distress or sadness. A charity coin to help people in need. It had backing of many members that were active on discord forum, it was moving in the right direction with setting up charities but developers were lacking basic communication and a sense of team between them. Read more about snapshot and swap: https://voytek.fund/quantum-of-solace

      Since SolaceCoin total supply was 21,000,000,000 (later it was cut to 10,500,000,000) it was decided to have Voytek BEAR Coin at max supply of 2,100,000,000 coins and Masternode cost would be 1,000,000 coins. Being that human brain doesn�t handle large number very well, unless you lived in Zimbabwe and know what 100 hundred trillion dollars looks like (100,000,000,000,000.00), consequently redenomination or �cutting zeroes� process (where everything was divided by 100, was proposed to the community for voting. Unanimously all the members agreed on redenomination and Voytek BEAR Coin final figures before mainnet launch were published:

      • Initial circulation: 2 537 975 (12% of our total supply all distributed via airdrop)
      • Total supply: 21 000 000
      • Premine: 0

      Coin specification:

      • Commercial Name: Voytek BEAR Coin / BEAR Coin (both names are OK, use as you wish)
      • Ticker: BEAR
      • Algo: Quark (PoS/MN)
      • Block time: 60 Seconds
      • Max coin supply: 21 000 000
      • Masternode reward: 70%
      • Staking (POS) reward: 30%
      • Block reward: 3.522 BEARs
      • Initial airdrop: 2 537 975 BEARs  (12% of Max supply,  airdrop info: https://voytek.fund/quantum-of-solace )
      • Masternode collateral: 10 000 BEARs
      • Staking maturation: 50 confirmations
      • Minimum staking amount: 10 BEARs

      Official links:


      Download wallet:

      Voytek was a Syrian Bear, bought by Polish soldiers from a small kid in Iran during their evacuation from Soviet Union in the year 1942. The brown bear cub was tiny, malnutrition and with poor health conditions who needed immediate attention and care. The good nursing by the soldiers gave back health to bear and a name Voytek (English pronunciation – Wojtek; & Wojciech – Polish word meaning War & Warrior + Joy which simply means "A Happy Warrior").

      During war, he helped to move crates of ammunition. His assistance to soldiers in artillery supply was at par excellence and sooner he became an unofficial Mascot. When the unit marched out on a mission, Voytek would stand up on his hind legs and march alongside them. Voytek helped by carrying 100 pound crates, in a single time and without dropping. While on campaigns, he was moved to several countries. Voytek was recognised as the official emblem of the 22nd Company and gained more popularity "The Soldier Bear who went to War". He not only served as assistance but was also an inspiration to soldiers during the war and post war too for local civilians.

      The bear copied to be like other soldier men around him like sitting around the camp fires, eating, sleeping in tents, drinking, etc. He enjoyed wrestling, smoking cigarettes & loved drinking beer (hehe, like any other bear ever). He was trained to salute when he was greeted. Voytek lived his life as a hard working and famous celebrity. Parallel to our favourite Voytek bear's life story, is a story of Voytek Bear Coin. Voytek BEAR coin is designed to reduce euthanasia of homeless pets through providing blockchain solutions, win-win investing strategy and cryptocurrencies fundraising platform.

      Q1 2019 VOYTEK.FUND – Initial Stage

      • SolaceCoin Snapshot 300 000 (end of 2018) <- done
      • Voytek BEAR Coin Release & Airdrop <- done
      • BEAR Coin Listed On Amsterdex Exchange <- done
      • Public Masternodes Fund Formation
      • Launch the voytek.fund Website <- done
      • Let�s people know about BEAR! (Initial promotion / bounties / listings)

      Q2 2019 VOYTEK.LIFE – Charity Fundraising Platform

      • Beta Version voytek.life Charity Fundraising Website
      • Exchange Platforms API Integration (Buyback Bot)
      • Altcoins Integration With voytek.life
      • Deploying Final Version voytek.life Website + Mobile App

      Q3 2019 EXPANSION – Expansion Stage

      • Cooperation With More NGOs & Local Societies Focused On Helping Animals
      • Local Ambassadors Join As Team Members
      • Form Public Relations & Communication Strategy
      • Multi Language Media Kit Deployment

      Q4 2019 POA – Proof Of Authority

      • Rebase To BTC/DASH & Source Codes Refactoring
      • Implementation Own Proof-of-Authority Algorithm
      • New Desktop & Mobile GUI Wallet
      • Experimental Version Of Charity Miner (possible Q1 2020)

      Follow us:

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoytekFund

      Github: https://github.com/Voytek-BEAR/

      Discord: https://discord.gg/eBCUTXD

      Created by Neekel

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