[ANN] BatMine – Green Mining up to 55 TH/s 4 cents KWH

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      BatMine Vision     

BatMine is more than just another crypto mine. It is Blockchain Applied Technology at its best, crafted to an art by skilled Cyber artisans and Blockchain professionals. We are creating the most advanced, profitable, fastest crypto currency mine that ever existed. A Mine that you can join, and become a member of our BatMine community. We will bring this amazing opportunity to life together and build the BatMine for visionaries � our Community!

Blockchain technology is indeed revolutionary and we do believe it is the future, but there are still things to be perfected. Two of those things are costs and energy efficiency. Bitcoin or any other currency mining can get very expensive and can drain a lot of electricity. As an example we mention the problems during the peak moments back in December 2017 until January 2018 when a lot new people were coming in and a lot of trading was going on. With the former speed and efficiency transactions were getting stuck in the system, causing people to wait for weeks until their transaction went through.

If you needed your transaction to go through without problems, you had to pay 50-100$ in transaction fees, which we can all agree, should not be happening.

As we believe and hope, blockchain will go mainstream in the near future and the peak moments we experienced in the past will be nothing compared to the load of transactions coming our way. We, as miners, need to get faster in mining and cheaper in energy costs � and that�s exactly what BatMine offers. We aim to become the most efficient and profitable mine in the history of blockchain, and we invite you to participate in making it happen.

BatMine is starting their Official Bounty Program in order to reward supporters. 7,500,000 BATM tokens are to be distributed in a bounty campaign though Bounty0x as follows:

Attention: You may not "reserve" spots with submitting broken links, empty articles, or anything as a placeholder. You may not use multiple submission content(the same thing or slight variation of) across other BatMine bounties. You may not plagiarize content and must pass a plagiarism test. These are all strict rule violations, and will disqualify you from any reward in the BatMine campaign as a whole.

To view our campaign, and participate in any bounties, register with Bounty0x as a hunter and complete our bounties!

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We will create 350 million BATM tokens. Unsold and/or undistributed tokens will be burned.

    ICO Current Round Information   
02.01.2019 / February Private investors round round

March Whitelist round / 20%

March Crowdround / 10% � 0%


    In what way is BatMine different than other Mining ICOs that took place?   

  • Location, guaranteed profit sharing, low electricity cost, and high hash power. Most mines are located in countries with difficult or even hostile environments. Things can change there, and fast. Our mines will be located in the European  Union,  one of the most crypto mining friendly and stable regions in the world. Unlike any other prior mine, or ICO in fact, we offer legally binding and legally valid profit sharing. Our Investment contract, closed between BatMine and the investor under Czech (European) Law, guarantees Investors� right on profit sharing. To date many ICOs regretfully did not distribute promised profit sharing due to �legal force major� and �legislation issues�. With BatMine you can be sure you get your share of the profit. Our hash power is up to 55Th/sec. We co-developed the technology and feel very confident that all above factors will result in increased profits for all stakeholders.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/BatMineICO

Telegram https://t.me/batmineICO

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BatMineICO/

Medium: https://medium.com/batmine

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