[ANN] Askcoin is a cryptocurrency for real-time Q&A, Mainnet is launched now !!!

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Askcoin is a cryptocurrency for real-time Q&A. It was born to achieve freedom of speech and question-and-answer worldwide. It's decentralized and ASIC-resistant, this is achieved by a new POW consensus algorithm.

As we all know, bitcoin is mined by calculating sha256, so whoever calculates sha256 fast will be able to produce new blocks before anyone else, this is exactly what ASIC mining machines on the market are good at.

In order to weaken the advantages of ASIC mining machine, the mining algorithm of askcoin uses sha256 combined with memory loading to resist ASIC machine. In askcoin, the speed of mining depends mainly on the speed of memory load, not the speed of sha256 calculation.

Now, Askcoin's Mainnet is launched, it is different from any question-and-answer project in the past, because it is a completely decentralized project, which is reflected in the following aspects:

1. Anyone can run askcoin's full node freely

2. Anyone can freely choose whether to mine on the Full node or not.

3. Anyone can run their own block explorer freely.

4. Anyone can connect askcoin's block explorer to the full node they are running

5. Anyone can connect askcoin's mobile app to the full node they are running

Unlike Bitcoin, askcoin uses an account model, so before using askcoin, you have to register an account in the block chain. In askcoin, there are five types of transactions:

  • Register an account
  • Transfer
  • Ask a question (or topic)
  • Reply to a question
  • Reward a reply

In order to prevent DDoS attacks, 2 ASK fees will be deducted from the initiator of each transaction. But if you are registering an account, who will pay for it? That's what your referrer should do.

In askcoin, if you want to register an account, you need to enter your username, avatar, and the string signed by your referrer. When the full node receives your registration request, it will deduct 2 ASK from your referrer's account.

Of the 2 ASK fees paid for each transaction you initiate since then, 1 ASK will be paid to the miner's account that put the transaction in the block, and another 1 ASK will be paid to your referrer's account.

The total supply of askcoin is 1000 billion, of which 500 billion is produced by miners through mining, and another 500 billion is temporarily retained by the founder team for promotion, popularization, attracting users, stabilizing the market and so on. When the project develops to a stable state, we are willing to donate most of our ASK coins and transfer them to the system reserve account to supplement the supply of mining. That is to say, the vast majority of ASK comes from mining.


  • Total supply: 1000 billion (considering the long-term support of small reward amount, so a single ASK price must be low enough)
  • Block time: 20 sec
  • Block reward: 5000 ASK
  • Algorithm: SHA256-AR (asic-resistant)


For the reasons stated above, when you first register, you need someone to generate a signature string for your registration. You can post a reply here, leave the user name you want to register, or tell me through telegram that I can help you generate this signature string. The person who replies here can get 1000 ASK coins for free. Once you register successfully, you can also help others to generate the registration signature string by using the corresponding function button in the mobile app, and you will automatically become their referrer.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lichuan_001

Telegram https://t.me/askcoin

Github: https://github.com/lichuan/askcoin/releases

Whitepaper: http://www.askcoin.me/whitepaper_en.pdf

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