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Website pmtc.io
Registrar domain OVH sas
Domain reg 2019-01-17
Domain exp 2020-01-17
Nameservers dns200.anycast.me
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PMTC.io is a new cryptocoin written from scratch using PHP, Python and MySQL, with a betting system built into blockchain.

Useful links:
Website (under dev): https://pmtc.io
Airdrop rules: https://docs.pmtc.io/airdrop.htm
Webwallet: https://wallet.pmtc.io
Compared with classic bookies: https://docs.pmtc.io/pmtc-vs-classic-bookies.htm
PoS / PoB: https://docs.pmtc.io/pos-pob.htm

How it works?

Blockchains connects to different sports APIs and creates the markets and betting addresses. One hour before the match starts, markets are closed and betting addresses can't receive more transactions. When match is finished, blockchain distributes all the coins on market proportionally between all bet winners.

On 1st April 2019, 4,000,000 PMTC coins will be created on genesis block (4% of total). 1,750,000 PMTC will be taken by project owners, and the rest of them (2,250,000 PMTC) will be distributed between airdrop participants depending of his rank in airdrop ranking.

How can I join?
You need to create an account before 1st March 2019 here: https://wallet.pmtc.io

Once you confirmed your email, you will receive 500 TPMTC (Testnet PMTC) on testnet network, that you should use for place bets and won more TPMTC in order to climb positions in Airdrop Ranking.

If your balance goes down to 0 TPMTC, you will receive 300 TPMTC for continue betting.

Additionally, you will receive more TPMTC as PoS/PoB block rewards too.

More info: https://docs.pmtc.io/airdrop.htm

Mining / PoS / PoB:

On PMTC, PoW operations are processed by central servers without receive any reward for it. When a block is mined (every minute), one addresses with possitive balance (or have placed a bet on last 1440 blocks) is selected by the algorithm as block winner, and receive the block reward.

Every PMTC on any wallet is staked (1:1) by default and can be the block winner, but you can increase your staked coins placing bets. Staked PMTC's have a 5:1 stake ratio. Example:

Your balance: 10,000 PMTC
Balance in bets: 0 PMTC
Network coins: 5,000,000 PMTC
Probability of win a block: 10,000 / 5,000,000 = 0.2%

Your balance: 8,000 PMTC
Balance in bets: 2,000 PMTC
Network coins: 5,000,000 PMTC
Probability of win a block: (8,000 + (2,000 x 5)) / 5,000,000 = 0.36%

This post will be completed on the following days.

We would be eternally grateful if some of you helped us to test our system by creating an account and joining the airdrop!


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