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Cadin Exchange (CadinEx) is a revolutionary blockchain based decentralized network which with one vision of taking cryptocurrency into mainstream by erecting a standard secured medium of which cryptocurrency and fiats are channeled through one another without the need for trust or third-party interference between users by providing a set of secure line of network such as a secured escrow P2P Bitcoin marketplace where anyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily and safely with the use of their convenient payment method (Cadin Exchange) and introducing payment system (CadinPay) which will be consumerizing cryptocurrencies by enabling their use online through a virtual reloadable card and in retail Point of Sale (POS) through a mobile app and contactless payment card and offering of an AI-based Instant Credit system (CadinCredit). Following in the footsteps of Bitcoin, Cadinex has the same properties of Real Implementation, Open Governance and Incentivization that allows for the rapid global expansion of the solution.

What do CadinEx offer?

Open governance
By releasing the full-stack reference implementations as open source and open specifications, we can enable ubiquitous distribution worldwide of the Cadinex protocols and ensure the rapid expansion of the value of the Cadin Exchange Services and also providing direct way by which each members and users of the platform can contribute to how the entire system is managed or commissioned.

The Cadin Exchange Service incentivizes participation through providing free instant virtual card to users in the initial target geography and sharing the networks revenue with entire users of the service while still reducing total usage cost of availing the services the platform renders. Users are incentivized to participate in the Cadin Exchange Service through accessibility and ease of use and the convenience of mobile payment. With a solution that decreases complexity and adds relevance of cryptocurrencies to end users, we will see rapid mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and the merging of the crypto-economy (current estimated value in October 2017 of $170B) with the much larger mainstream economy (estimated value $214T).

The CadinEx Ecosystem
The Cadinex Exchange ecosystem will comprise of four distinct services/platform; Which are The Cadin P2P semi-decentralized exchange platform (Cadinex), A Payment processing platform (CadinPay), An investment Service (Attached to CadinPay), and A Financing service (CadinCredit: will be attached to the CadinPay platform)

Features of the Cadin Exchange Network
Intuitive and Ease of Use
Fully Interconnected
Regulatory compliant (For the Payment and credit platform)
Revenue sharing

CadinEx Vision
Making crypto accessible to everyone at the current scale of cash/fiats.
Cadinex will help to generate demand for new and old, as well as big and small cryptocurrencies. No other online cryptocurrency exchange can bring in new cryptocurrency users from this segment and in the same number, thanks to our powerful focus on attracting the consumer market.
Increasing cryptocurrency User base From 9 million to 100 million:
With future growth in mind, let�s look at some relevant statistics as of October 2017:
– Bitcoin price is approximately USD 6,000
– Bitcoin market capitalization is approximately USD 100 billion
– Trading frequency is 250,000 times
– Trade volume is USD 900 million.
With trading volume accounting for 1.1% of total volume, the reason bitcoin had such respectable numbers is because there may be as many as 5.8 and 11.5 million – an average of 8.7 million – active wallets. However, the global bitcoin wallet ownership numbers do not even reach 2% of the population of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Just take a few seconds to absorb this information … what if we could introduce another 10 million, even 100 million users … what kind of impact would this have on the cryptocurrency landscape?
100 million users in 3 years….Cadinex is concentrating initial traction efforts on Asia, Middle East and Africa. We have global team with a deep understanding of Each targeted regional market – plus we have track record, connections and products to match the local market�s needs. We will spend the next coming years building an extensive coverage and partnership with convenience stores, shopping malls, retail shops, chain outlets, cafe, restaurants and other outlets including working with major debit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard and integrating into every payment switch of the entire jurisdiction we cover. We will use Cadinex apps to cover an even greater number of smaller sellers. Our goal is for users to be able to buy and spend cryptocurrency within five minutes walk in about anywhere.

The Cadin Coin
Cadin coins (CDN) are ERC20 utility tokens which are native tokens that powers the Cadinex ecosystem. They are Discount and Dividends bearing Utility Tokens which can be used to meet up or pay the service cost of availing Cadin Exchange (Cadinex) services such as trading fees as well as on
other Cadinex services such as CadinPay, CadinCredit and Cadinvest as service or Transaction fees. It�s also stands as a standard token that represents the total percentage share of a holder in the company�s revenue since the company will be sharing 50% of its revenue from all trade and
transaction fees on its platform with its users who hold the Cadin coins.

Cadin Coin Use cases
Discount fees payment:
Cadin coins (CDN) are utility tokens that can be used to pay exchange fees when trading cryptocurrencies on Cadin Exchange or pay transaction fees when sending payments or repaying loan interest at 50% discount of the original fees. Users can specify to pay these fees at will in either the currency being traded or Cadin coins.
Dividend Earnings:
Once a user acquire Cadin coins, the user automatically qualified to receive 50% dividends from the total revenue the company makes in a month. The Dividends will be paid to the users on-platform wallet or any other external Ethereum wallet where the tokens are held at a certain period in every month. In a real example, if the total revenue the company generates from all trade and transaction fees are a total sum of $1,000,000 a month, then $500,000 will be split and distributed among all users holding the Cadin coins in their wallets in form of Ethereum coins proportional to the total tokens they hold in correspondence to total amount in circulation. (SAFT, Airdrop and after sales users cited here).

Cadin Coin Specification
Name: Cadin coin
Code: CDN
Blockchain: Ethereum
Type: ERC20
Total supply: 100,000,000
Mineable: No
Contract Address: 0x3075c320f859c69f1f07fbd620aaad77766b0386

The CadinEx Airdrop
The CadinEx project will be a project that's meant to add value to the cryptocurrency society. we aim to make cryptocurrency more easy to acquire and accessible to everyone including even the newbies. To keep things fair, it is of no interest of the team to initiate an ICO or IEO, rather, we managed to raise funds to build this platform by organizing a SAFT program among some private investors who liked the idea and showed interest. The project founders have therefore decide to give majority of the tokens we minted to the public and community members that showed interest in helping building a strong community and userbase around CadinEx. The total supply of the Cadin coin is 100 Million, out of which 70% of the coins will be freely distributed among early supporters and community members in some series of airdrops and bounties. The airdrop and Bounty is open to everyone who wish to have a hold on the token that will fuel the platform we are going to launch in the next few months.

To join the airdrop, you will need to have an Ethereum wallet which is compatible with ERC20 standards, be a twitter, linkedin, medium and bitcointalk users. The total cap of users we will be accepting for this airdrop is 20,000 participants. The airdrop will come to an end on July 30th or when we've reached the max cap for the airdrop campaign which 50 million Cadin coins has been allocated for. you can optionally participate in our bounty program too to earn additional coins for each task you complete.

How to Join The CadinEx Airdrop (50,000,000 CDN)

Follow our official twitter Page by clicking here

Follow the Project Co-developer official twitter page by clicking here

Join Telegram community group by clicking here

Follow us on Medium and clap our first 2 posts

Optional Bounties (20,000,000 CDN)

follow our linked in page by clicking here to earn +500 CDN

Post a comment or ask questions on our official bitcointalk ANN thread to earn +500

Post a review article about the CadinEx Project and its vision on any blog or website to earn up to 50,000 CDN depending in the article

Post a video review on youtube and add a link to our official website and twitter page to earn up to 50,000 CDN depending on the video quality and reach.

Share the airdrop with your friends and tell them to use your telegram username as the referrer to earn 500 CDN per referral.

Click here to go to the Airdrop page.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop them here on the thread or email [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cadinexchange

Telegram https://t.me/cadinex

Medium: https://medium.com/@cadinex

Github: https://github.com/Cadinex/Cadin-exchange-platform-sources-files/blob/master/cadinex%20White%20paper%20V1.0.pdf

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