[ANN] A Gamers Coin – Decentralized e-Payment System For Gamers

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A Gamers Coin

A Gamers Coin is a token built on the Waves Platform blockchain.
It is the future bridge for online payments in a game. Decentralized electronic payment systems for the new equity blockchain that are safe,smart, and easy to use, and truly disrupt the business way for game developers.

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Everyone in the world wants quick and easy access. Whether it's business people, entrepreneurs, workers or even students. With the development of technology in today's era everyone needs internet access for each of their jobs. Starting from playing, working, reporting and buying or selling products or services. For that they need a system called online wallet. Until now there are many types of systems that offer products from their services.

Legally, the online ATM, which is one of the means by local or international banks, has received full support from governments around the world by implementing currency exchanges between countries but not for crypto currencies. The difficulty of officially receiving crypto currencies in a country encourages our idea to bridge this problem by introducing A Gamers Coin Token.

In the system that we built, it allows all parties, especially token holders to transact using crypto currencies to buy or sell their products directly to all currencies throughout the world or vice versa without being limited by brokerage companies.

For the initial project we started applying it to a game application. Based on the growth of the game-based project we believe our mission will grow further in the future with significant growth.

The Problem
    • Crypto communities find it difficult to disburse income from crypto to a personal bank account
    • Costs too high from online wallet providers
    • The cost is too high by the crypto exchanger to fiat bank
    • At least micro-facilities for crypto exchange to fiat banks or vice versa
    • The difficulty of crypto legality by the government
    • Too few sellers / buyers in instant exchangers that have been verified
    • As crypto activists and game developers are constrained by the lack of game platforms that accept crypto payments
    • Game The game platform accepts crypto payments with only a large amount
    • Game games that use crypto are still regulated and limited by game developers or robots
    • Gamers cannot fully play interfaces; Vs Player Player
    • Gamers who play mining games are limited by developers
    • Gamers cannot withdraw profits from playing crypto directly into a bank account

    The Solution

    • We work with local banks in the world to apply crypto directly to bank accounts in real-time
    • We facilitate rather than withdraw fees
    • There is no fee for withdrawal to the bank account because our system does not pass through the exchanger service but directly to the bank account
    • The smallest withdrawal is worth 1 USD and is free of charge
    • We collaborate with the government and service providers for legality
    • Our own instant exchange service not by third parties


    • Game developers are provided with special channels to experiment and work with their products
    • Build your own game for free and earn money with it
    • Games are not limited by robots, full control by gamers
    • Real-time PVP interface game with gamers around the world and drive your adrenaline by betting in the game world
    • Mining games or coin collecting are unlimited as long as the ability of gamers is still there
    • Gamers can withdraw their income directly to a bank account or service provider
    • Fun and ease in playing are our priorities for gamers

    Token Identity
    • Issuer          = 3PQ3yTYQ4ATHke2TFEZuvDRermKshqthELU
    • ID                 = DVvaxkdt6LFeckt4jRxYFsp7bBHcxh5GXJKu8gp8ecdY
    • Name          = AGamersCoin
    • Quantity      = 1,000,000,000
    • Reissuable   = False

    Link Reference

    Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/GlIwMRXYXRFMSZsfiGCrIw

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