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7 Eleven
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–   Company Blockchain 7Eleven.
–   Our company is a technology research association founded in 20/2/2018.
–   This association is organized by a group of 8 members and many other support professionals in Nigeria and many other countries.
–   According to the latest research from the United Nations, Nigeria is a country with the largest famine in West Africa. This nation has more than 14 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, of whom about 400,000 children need special attention.
–   Despite being a poor country with its annual famine, we must admit that Nigeria is also the home of many talented and famous people such as Imelme A. Umana – the first black woman elected as president of the Harvard Law Review or the famous actor Will Smith in Hollywood, also Pealena Igbokwe – president of Universal Television and etc.
–   With the high spirit to constantly learn and upgrade our knowledge, we attempt to help the country escape poverty and the advent of the Internet with the blockchain technology in the past year, the group named 7ELEVEN including 8 official members and more than 30 support members Support has decided to develop a project called 7Eleven Foundation.
–   The founding team is also based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology foundation token 7ELEVEN – Symbol: 7E.
–   We wish to call for funding from the IEO in March 2019 to build a leadership spirit in Nigeria and neighboring territories for the 7Eleven Foundation charity. If this procedure success during the IEO period,
 the fund will be announced annually.
–   Introducing the project token 7ELEVEN.
–   What is 7ELEVEN Token.
–   7Eleven token is easy and safe to use.
–   7Eleven Transparent Token Blockchain
–   Payment Platform.
–   7Eleven is a blockchain-based technology platform that is convenient for customer to buy and sell products that helps verifying transactions with high accuracy, the function shall be updated based on the level of development of the project in each stage.
–   Information 7Eleven � Token.
–   Platform: Ethereum Blockchain.
–   Type: ERC � 20.
–   Token 7E.
–   Token price: 0.002$, 1 ETH = 67.000 Token 7E.
–   Accept payment in: USD, ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, BCH, ETC, BAT, ZEC, VVVV
–   The minimum purchase amount is $ 10 = 5000 Token 7E.
–   The benefits of token 7E and how to own Token 7Eleven.
–   You can directly invest in Token 7E on sale at 7ELEVENCOINS.COM or on prestigious trading floor that the development team is looking to cooperate in order to call the IEO through the exchanges.

–   To receive 7eleven you can also join us in advertising Marketing Share link at 7Eleven's Website. When registering an account and KYC, every member will receive 1000 Token 7E for free, and if you share the link, you will be added 300 Token 7E of F1 and 200 Token of F2, you will also receive other bonuses when introducing people to buy Token 7E directly at the website of the Bonus project up to 50%.
–   You could also open stores selling products and requesting your customer to pay with Token 7Eleven. This is a good idea to have more Token 7Eleven.
–   The goal of the group is to develop the Token 7Eleven project which is expanded to reach more people than the traditional Cryptocurrencies on the market today.
–   7Eleven is quite fast in trading on Blockchain, without wasting time waiting for confirmation.
–   7Eleven is a young coin in the market, so the scale of operation and distribution is still limited, not many communities are known as other projects.
–   Either way, the goal of Token 7Eleven and the founding team is very clear with the vision of bringing Token 7E to many users around the world.
–   All funds raised for subtracting all group bonuses will establish a 7Eleven Foundation sponsorship for Nigerian children and global children all information will be updated according to the progress of the project base on each phase.

7Eleven introduces you to a new encryption payment application App called 7E.
The vision of project project is a global payment application, based on connecting with all banks around the world. Suitable for people in their home country, payments are made quickly based on face and QR identification analysis.

App payment integrated positioning tool, help you observe and know the business locations are linked to payment. At the same time you will know how much discount the store is offering to App users.
The formula for dividing profits is based on the percentage of discounts. Allocate benefits from product discounts to you and your referrals, thereby creating a savings and lucrative financial fund from the introduction of the App.
Payment gateway allows you to choose the type of money you want to use to pay, in accordance with the currency of t
he country in which you live and work.


�   Choose a form of payment.
�   Choose a payment currency.
�   Maximum discount for payment.
�   Accumulated consumer sales.
�   Passive income from the marketing system using services.


�   The long-term vision of 7Eleven is to expand the use of 7E token for global payment, minimize the currency conversion transaction fees and increase the value of benefits from owning 7E token.
�   The first step in our project will create a market-based mechanism to enable consumers to collaborate with optimizing the use of 7E in global payments.
Use service utilities with the lowest value, discount up to 90%.
�   Targeting 100 million monthly active users and thousands of new installments each week, This will be a realization and expand our horizons with global data analysis team and technology team. That will bring really fast growth value to 7E.


Total supply: 1,000 billion 7E
�   Pre- Exchange : 25%
�   New � Exchange : 25%
�   Online payment : 30% (Payment in the global supermarket system of 7Eleven)
�   Bonus : 5%
�   Team : 5%
�   Marketing : 10%.


–   Pre- Exchange : 25%
�   Beginning on March 1, 2019
�   Quantity 250,000,000 7E
�   Starting price: $ 0.002
–   New � Exchange : 25%
�   Start after finishing the Pre – Exchange
�   Quantity: 250,000,000 7E
�   Price ends: 0.01$


�   7E accepted to exchange with BTC – ETH – DOG – TRX – XRP – LTC
�   WALLET : HB wallet  , Trust wallet.
�   Smarcontract:
�   Decimal :8
�   Symbol : 7E
You will receive passive profits from the system's 7E hoarding investment through affiliate marketing.
Profit system pays up to 50%
Receive marketing rewards after submitting a reward request.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/7ELEVENCOINS
Telegram https://t.me/ELEVENCOIN

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