Angular, Firebase and Google Cloud Functions app needs to integrate with 3rd party API

I have an angular app built currently that has some functions running from google cloud platform.

I need to create a new NodeJS callable google cloud function that can integrate with a 3rd party API. The 3rd party has instructions for the interface here:

The cloud function just needs to take a few parameters (name, address etc.), create a signature (as per the instructions in the link above) and pass this to the cloudcheck integrated API and return the result.

The 3rd party also provides a postman collection that can provide a JavaScript code snippet to get started.

Overall the project is just to verify our employee documents to make sure they are who they say they are before they start working with our company. To do this we go through a separate company called cloudcheck, and we use their API to do this.

Just to clarify what I'm after:

1) I need a callable cloud function

2) I need it to accept data fields like name, address, date of birth etc.

3) I need it to generate a HMAC SHA-256 signature (can use the open source library CryptoJS to do this)

4) I need it to send all this off in an encoded URL and return the response.

Cloudcheck, provides some test data, (a test api key and secret, test name addresses and dat of birth etc.)

I'll submit payment when I can see that the cloud function you create can submit this test data and get a successful response.

If this works well I'll have more work for you in the future if you're open to that! 🙂
Location: Worldwide

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