An Overview of Ontology's Decentralized Identity System ONT ID and DDXF

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Ning HU, Senior Architecture Expert at Ontology, gave a detailed introduction to ONT ID, Ontology�s decentralized identity framework and DDXF, its distributed data exchange framework at the Ontology Korea Media Conference on August 30 in Seoul.

HU explained that "ONT ID is an identity framework based on decentralized identification protocol using blockchain and cryptographic technology, which is able to instantly identify and connect people, assets, things, and affairs. ONT ID helps users ensure the privacy and security of their data, giving users full control over their own identity and personal data."

DDXF is Ontology's distributed data exchange framework. Based on DDXF, the ownership of resources can be confirmed and circulated on the chain. Users can exchange their resources for ONG and other OEP-4 assets or for other resources. DDXF supports digital and physical resources and allows various forms of resource circulation, which includes the circulation of its ownership, right to use, etc. For off-chain resources, DDXF enables users to transact off the chain with a smart contract, so as to meet the need for compliance, security, and consistency.

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