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  • TronUFO is a decentralized online gaming platform based on the Tron network. UFO is develop exciting games that bring financial gains to the users while playing and accumulating UFO tokens platform distributes its revenue to UFO token holders.UFO is committed to establish a secure and verifiable platform.The UFO token is issue by the platform as a mean to distribute game revenue to the stake holders.


  • A total of 100 million UFO tokens are minted.
    100% of the platform�s dividends is distributed to UFO holders. 50% of the dividends pool is distributed every 24 hours. Dividends are automatically sent through smart contracts.

Game Contract

Dividend Contract

Note : we have 2 kind of UFO Token

1- on web site TRC10 UFO TOKEN(only our platform)
2- on exchange ERC20 UFO TOKEN(you can SWAP TRC to ERC anytime)
So please give your ETH Add on this Bounty Event

TronUFO Bounty Event

Bounty Tokens : 1,00,000 UFO

1 UFO PRICE = 0.1$

1 UFO is airdropped for every 200 Trx wagered on TronUFO

No KYC Required for Bounty

Bounty ends 21.03.2020
*Rewards sentout once Bounty ends

Bounty Allocation

Twitter  campaign – 30%
Content Creation – 30%
Telegram campaign – 20%
Airdrop – 10%
Reserve – 10%(other event purposes, any time) launch

General Rules

  • Any kind of cheating, use of multiple accounts and spamming are prohibited and we will reject our bounty campaign
  • We reserve the rights to adjust the reward amount or any other detail of the Bounty Program. These changes will be announced beforehand
  • You agree to all these rules to participate our bounty event

All bounty-related questions will be answered on the Bounty Group: https://t.me/tronUFOBounty


We have Airdrop 100 UFO Each for first 100 participates
How to Get 100 UFO:
1.First you play on TronUFO

  .. PLAY &Get 100 UFO_

2.MUST YOU HAVE PLACE 20 BETS ON TronUFO platform & Send your screenshot of your bets @telegram https://t.me/TronUFOSupport
3.Follow Twitter : https://twitter.com/ufofoundation
4.Join the Telegram group : https://t.me/TronUfoWorld
5.Join the Bounty Group : https://t.me/TronUFOBounty
6.Fill the form below

  .. APPLY_


0 <500 followers
: 2.5 stakes per retweet
for 500 – 1,000 followers: 7.5stakes per retweet
for 1,000 – 3,000 followers: 20 stakes per retweet
for 3,000 – 5,000 followers: 40 stakes per retweet
for 5,000+ followers: 50 stakes per retweet
Section Rules:

1.Only real twitter accounts are allowed.
2.You must like and retweet a maximum of 5 times a week from the Official Twitter(https://twitter.com/ufofoundation).
3.The number of your friends will not be updated after your registration in the bounty campaign.

How to apply:
Make sure to read the General Rules and the Section Rules of this campaign.
1.Follow Twitter : https://twitter.com/ufofoundation
2.Join the Telegram group: https://t.me/TronUFOWorld
3.Join the Bounty Group: https://t.me/TronUFOBounty

Must Submit a report for each week on @telegram https://t.me/TronUFOSupport
week finishes on Sunday and  It must looks like this:

#Twitter WEEK 1,2,3,4
Telegram Username:
Twitter Username:
List of Retweets:
Row in Spreadsheet

Fill the form below.

  .. APPLY_


The publication / video will receive stakes depending on its quality and reach.
25 for normal quality, 75 for good quality and 200 for high quality. Low quality = 0 stakes.
Section Rules:
1.You need to have more than 200 subscribers/followers on your account/blog. If there are no followers on that platform, your post must receive at least 100 views.
2.The website / channel where you post must be relevant to cryptocurrencies, ICOs etc.
3.The publication must be public, no private submissions are allowed.
4.You can repost an article to one more website, for which you will receive extra 50% stakes. Only one unique article / video per participant.
5.The publication must be original and related to TronUFO Its content must not be plagiarized.
6.The publication needs to have more than 400 words, a video need to be longer than 2 minutes. A publication must include a link to our website and your telegram account or ETH Address

How to join:

Make sure to read the General Rules and the Section Rules of this campaign.
Join the Telegram group: https://t.me/TronUFOWorld
Join the Bounty Group: https://t.me/TronUFOBounty

Fill the form below.



*5 Stakes if you only join our group
**10 Stakes if you wear our avatar
***15 Stakes if you wear our avatar and profile name like |john TronUFO

Stakes are distributed in weekly

Section Rules:

1.Participants need to remain in the group at least until the end of the bounty campaign.
2.Participants must have active &constructive discussions directly related to TronUFO, If any Discussions about other ICOs, any advertising / promoting, hate speech and spamming will not be eligible to receive your rewards.
How to register:
Make sure to read the General Rules and the Section Rules of this campaign.
1.Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/TronUFOWorld
2.Join the Bounty Group: https://t.me/TronUFOBounty
3. Follow Twitter

Fill the form below.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ufofoundation

Telegram https://t.me/TronUFOWorld

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