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New Giveaway : Shrew
Reward: $1000 in SHREW Tokens
Rate: 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Focus: Twenty  winners will receive $50 in SHREW Tokens each 💰

Launch the bot 🤖 Giveaway bot

Mandatory tasks

▫️Join our telegram chat
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▫️Follow us on Twitter ( and RT our tweet
▫️Follow ad page (
▫️Like and retweet this tweet ( and @Tag 5 friends and #Airdrop #Giveaway
▫️Submit your BinanceSmartChain (BEP20) wallet address in the bot

Secondary tasks
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Note: Giveaway ends June 15 at 02:00 pm UTC . Distribution of the reward on June 16

Additional Information:
We started as we believe the multi-billion dollar reward points industry is too restrictive, ironically unrewarding and full of inefficiencies.

 A strong vision, superior technical knowledge, blockchain technology and a properly crafted cryptocurrency are all key ingredients that can overcome each of these problems. And we have them all.

 Shrew stands for SHopping REWards, a platform where users can bring in existing rewards accounts, earn points using a single app for multiple stores and trade these points with others using blockchain. The SHREW token will be the single currency linking each reward scheme across a multitude of stores and will thus have deep utility and value.


Created by Neekel 0x24b4e4dc337f6604c5c667653cfad4b401ef3986;u=1360078
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