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Website www.personaltokens.io
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Note: limited to 100 participants, but probably it is not full yet.
Token site/page: https://www.personaltokens.io/DANIMESQ


Personal Tokens is a platform where you can easily verify and tokenize yourself. They are building an infrastructure for the new emerging economy based on privately issued tokens backed with real people. They are aiming to build as robust and as decentralized platform as possible. Their goal is to deliver as many tools as tokenized people need and to make the token economy as cheap as they possibly can.

Being the 223th tokenized on the platform, I'm now launching the airdrop of DANIMESQ token.



22 yo voice/video actor (and decentralized "youtuber"), drawer, technology/network enthusiast, designer, programmer, cyber activist, bitcoiner, book/post/article writer and anything where I put my autistic creativity.

The first brazillian, the first youtuber and the first autistic to get tokenized; maybe also other categories, as I'm the 223th person to get tokenized on PersonalTokens, and probably one of the world's 225 first.

I believe on the value of my own token (and on the value of personal tokens for everyone that produces good things), so I accept DANIMESQ tokens as payment.


DANIMESQ is a multi-use utility token to be either used to advertise on my content/products, purchase my premium content and/or to pay my freelance works.

My content/products you can advertise:

  • Videos/lives
  • Personal blog
  • My social networks
  • Some of my open-source projects (your ads needs to be ethical and related to the content)

Premium content you can purchase:

  • Videos
  • Hangout/gaming lives with your participation
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Making-of from music/videos
  • Bid/buy on my auctions on BitcoinTalk (including CryptoKitties)
  • Bonus: soon my app will have an smart-contract to stake your DANIMESQ tokens and mint new ones

My freelance works

I create open-source projects, but I can also help you with my freelance work – I accept DANIMESQ tokens: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5091330​


Access: https://personaltokens.io/DANIMESQ/ga/436329
Total amount: 10,000 DANIMESQ
Max. participants: 100
Instructions: signup on Personal Tokens, access the airdrop URL, and click "Join"


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