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Welcome to the CoinCasso – CCWallet App Airdrop

1. We are the first project which is holistic, which means implementing solutions on a few business layers regarding the cryptocurrency solutions to make using easier for our users.
2. We implement hybrid solutions. We combine centralized and decentralized projects.
3. After finishing the implementing period of CoinCasso 2.0 we will start profit sharing. We build the project for users and with users.

CCWallet is a cryptocurrency wallet mobile app with the opportunity of sending, receiving funds, tracking transactions, as well as exporting & importing private keys.

Rules of the Airdrop

Stage 1 – To get 5 CCX:

1. Be registered and verified at
2. To keep your coins, download the CCWallet App for Apple or Android and if you can, leave a review:
-> iOS:
-> Android:
3. Share post or retweet, or create a blog post about our airdrop:

4. Claim on the website

Stage 2 – To get 5 CCX extra:

1. Fill up this form with the above details to receive another 5CCX's directly to your mobile wallet
2. 5 addresses will get a chance of 1000 CCX airdrop.

10 000 CCX on airdrop and 5000 CCX from a lottery to be won this month.


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