AIRDROP Bitcoin Black Awards program! $ 36,000,000 available. January Update

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Show forum topic Welcome to the Bitcoin Black Awards program! $ 36,000,000 available.
The first people to share free coins with most friends will receive 180,000,000 coins each (equal to 1,800,000 USD per person)
Participants from 11-110 will receive 18,000,000 coins each (equal to 180,000 US dollars per person)
You also get rewards from friends of your friends, so be sure to invite friends with lots of friends!
When a friend joins rewards, you also get rewards for receiving Airdrop
Anyone who subscribes to Airdrop will receive 3,600 free coins ($ 36) !!! Welcome to rewards. How to use your dashboard (simple).

Bitcoin Black (BCB) January Update

We continued to delay the launch date due to constant changes and improvements.
We now have an official launch date of February 1, 2019.
At the same time, more extensive testing is conducted.
A cohesive development team continues to take shape and will grow and strengthen as BCB matures.

Congrats ), @electrofry, you will receive coins to create a profile on the community page.
We will continue to give occasional rewards to some new profiles created in the community section, which contain photos and descriptions.
Incomplete profiles that are inactive will be promptly deleted.
Create a profile at the following link:

BCB will be the most decentralized payment system in the world in 2019. How?
Our desktop wallet is a full-fledged host, and all wallets communicate with each other, creating a payment network.
Each user who receives an aerodrome will act as a node and be part of a decentralized payment network, putting a small portion of the global network at risk.
~ 60,000 people are waiting in line for the air drop, and as soon as the air drop becomes live, and BCB is listed on several exchanges, their number will quickly grow.
In 2019, BCB will become the most decentralized cryptocurrency in terms of the number of network nodes and will be at least 10 times more decentralized than bitcoin.

How to qualify for the air drop.
February 1, you will receive an email with a link to the wallet.
After downloading you will need to enter your BCB address, email address and phone number in the form to send.
You will receive a security code on your phone, which you enter on the form, and an email that you will need to click to confirm, and your coins will be sent to your wallet automatically.
There are several security levels that prevent the manipulation and abuse of an air drop to ensure the participation of 1 million real users.
The partner is in the process of publishing a press release about how BCB will have 1 million real users through this process, and how BCB is the most controversial process of takeoff and landing operations in the field of cryptocurrency.
An image of the final drop shape.

At the time of this writing, 109 commissions are required to get into the top 110 award participants.

Number of participants
Currently the number of participants is 59 250.

We are in the final stage of pre-sale.
Packages of 900,000 coins are available for $ 500.
Last chance to take part.

Alexa Rank
Alexa ranking is a measure of site popularity. It ranks millions of sites in order of popularity, and Alexa Rank of 1 is the most popular.
Bitcoin blacks currently occupy 173,431 places and continue to grow significantly in the ranking.
We are among the 10,000 most popular sites in the world.

[email protected] is now active, and the knowledge base will begin to take shape.

If you want to share your skills in exchange for BCB coins, write to [email protected]

BCB on Binance
Sign the petition to help list the BCB in Binance.


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