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The Aggregion platform is a digital supply chain that enables the licensing and rights governance of intellectual property (such as media content, software, and other data types). The Platform enables copyright holders to license their content B2B2C through any intermediaries and all the way to the consumers� devices. The platform is in production, with live enterprise clients such as Disney, Pearson, and others, with 10 million licenses processed to date. While the IP management is a crowded space, Aggregion is a pioneering (since 2015) and still unique solution in that it enables the transfer of rights (licenses) between participants of distribution chain. No other such solution exists even on paper, especially in production and with commercial clients. Originally the solution was cloud-based, but now has been migrated to blockchain to create a common licensing and rights governance protocol within a single decentralized ecosystem.

The AGR token is primary licensing instrument within the Platform that powers all the transactional activity through the AG blockchain. The AGR is used to conduct licensing operations (move a license between B2B participants) and also pay for associated services: cloud storage, content delivery networks, and others. Since the Aggregion blockchain is EOS based, the AGR are also used to compensate the Block Producers for block creation/validation.

The platform is fully operational and AGR token has utility. While used mostly by enterprises to license content, the function is available to regular users as well. In the future we expect the AGR being used for internal billing/settlements between B2B participants and thus be available to regular consumers as means of payment for digital content and software.

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