AegisCoin – POW – Algorithm:AEGISN1 -AGC 2019

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AegisCoin – POW – Algorithm:AEGISN1 -AGC 2019

What is AEGIS(AGC).
AEGIS is a cryptocurrency using the latest AEIGNN1 algorithm. In order to ensure equality, AEGIS uses its own unique algorithm, so that everyone can participate in the mining of coins. The CPU and GPU of any computer can get coins. The goal is to create an equal project for everyone based on decentralization that allows everyone to participate. AEGIS has no ICO and no team reservations, allowing the community to develop steadily into a community of all the people.

Content operator in the 5G era
As a content operator in the 5G era. Aegis will work with telecom operator Verizon to implement content and distribution smart contracts.This is unprecedented as a dedicated TOKEN distributed by telecom operators.


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