[ACTIVE]🎱🎱🎱 50 Million Grand Event🎱🎱🎱 With Huge AIRDROP!!!

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Ladies and Gentleman,
dear 888 family,

The 888team is pleased to announce that the BIGGEST event on the #TRX blockchain is now LIVE!

Come join us and have a chance at winning a part of the 50 MILLION TRX prize money.

💰There will be several ways to PROFIT and WIN during this 50 MILLION TRX Grand Event💰

♦️Every DAY 10 RANDOM WINNERS will be chosen amongst all the players of the day who have mined 100 888TOKENS.

♦️20 MILLION TRX in total will be given away to the TOP 20 888TOKEN miners during each of the 20 mining levels.

♦️Every 100 888TOKENS MINED and FROZEN will give you ONE unique LOTTERY TICKET. With this LOTTERY TICKET you will be able to be one of the 50 winners of the Grand Prize of 30 MILLION TRX. The number of lottery tickets is limited. The luckiest winner will go home with 6 MILLION TRX!

♦️ We have added a unique Token Bonus Multiplier that will decrease during each mining level. So hurry!

♦️ 🚨The BONUS MULTIPLIER NOTIFICATION🚨 we�ve added to the site will be ACTIVATED  from time to time. When active, it will BOOST your mining skills even further!


We will airdrop an EXTRA ⛈ 5 MILLION TRX ⛈ in Telegram when community breaks our 256 million TRX div pool record during our 50M event! This will be the biggest airdrop ever performed in Telegram!!



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