A cryptocurrency social media networking app multifunction

Cryptocurrency wallet stock quote phone to phone scan code transfer internet purchases database storage – bank account transfer integration amazon style listing classified section for bitcoin and token usage – looking to merge all these app functions into one – facebook, instagram, Coinbase, bitpay, pos, etrade , eBay auctions, WhatsApp, lead pages, virtual wallet, money lion, Charles swabb, acorn, wechat, chime, current, bofa, cryptotrackerbot, electroneum, tdameritrade, Reddit, pintrist, next, counseled, blockfolio, blockchain wallet, Tex, coin stats, coin cap, upbeat, crypto pro, crypticom, Gemini , etoro, shoppercoin, tokens, stash, Dave, bofa, coinseed, Skype, brd, binance, nexo, eBay, Amazon, piggy bank, PLEASE CONTACT ME TO DISCUSS HOW WE CAN INTEGRATE AND POSSIBLY SET UP WIDGETS FOR EACH SECTION
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