• Requirements: 
    • Min 2 years of relevant and similar work experience 
    • Experience in writing smart contracts and taking full advantage of composability by integrating with other DAO’s contracts
    • Demonstrated ability to work and collaborate with and across multi disciplinary teams
    • Previous experience working with smart contract and blockchain design paradigms
    • Experience with EVM compatible tooling/languages/frameworks, such as Solidity, Truffle, and Hardhat
  • What you will do
    • Research, develop and maintain the smart contract components of our stack
    • Constantly discover, develop and implement best practices in our smart contract design and architecture
    • Directly build our own core contract modules that interact with other well known DeFi protocols
  • Bonus
    • Demonstrated experience working with multicultural teams
    • Worked smart contract modules of well known DAO’s
  • Location
    • 100% Remote
    • Timezone: UTC +8 or +- 3 hours (ideal but still flexible as always)
  • Perks
    • Very competitive salary
    • Team tokens allocation on top of competitive salary 
    • Expect to be challenged and have to quickly pivot along with the company
    • Help build the infrastructure that finally brings real world liquidity into the Web 3.0 economy
Location: Remote, Company: ,

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