Blockchain Developer with Experience with DeFi Yield Farming Development

We are looking for a blockchain developer to work with us on the development of DXY Finance project. DXY finance is a DeFi Yield Farming protocol built on the ETH blockchain with 5 standard pools currently running, we are looking at further developing the ecosystem, therefore we require an experienced developer to help us do this.

An ideal Candidate to fill this position will have to have the follwing charateristics;

  • Understand the current concept of cryptocurrency Decentralized Finance(DeFi)
  • Understand the Concept of DeFi Yield Farming mechanism
  • Must be proficient in Solidity, Javascript and C++ programming languages and be able to use that knowledge in building Yield Farming usecases on the ETH blockchain
  • Must have experince in building DeFi Yield Farming projects


  • You will be responsible for ensuring the development of the DXY Finance ecosytem.
  • Fix hitches that might be encountered during development.
  • Help develop and bring to life different use cases thought about by the project founder.

Location: Remote,
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