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A Blockchain-based payment and settlement platform for the travel industry, transforming how companies in the travel ecosystem interact with each other and their customers.
Further's disruption starts with Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem where any asset provider from small to large, Airline to Hotel or Tour Provider would be able to create their own assets, create their own modifiable services and publish them using their own smart contract and get real time payment throughout the system using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We will begin with tokenization of current assets from proprietary systems and for easy settlement and payment and continue with identity sharing and ultimately achieving a fully integrated set of systems with blockchain which will directly tokenize the assets without any midware.
Travel is one of the biggest industries in the world with a global economic contribution of 7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2016. But the process of customer booking is based on the rules that were set more than 40 years ago. Even with the arrival of e-commerce, the standards didn't change to reflect the needs of a digital-era consumer. This is why you are having a badly designed experience with not many options to suit your needs when you travel.

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