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Payviews (PVS) is a currency for YouTubers built on blockchain technologies. This is built to support YouTubers with more income, More youtubers join more popularity coin will get, Price rise will happen when everytime an advertiser will join and buy token to put his banner in videos.


5 million PVS tokens (PVS) are available for distribution through our bounty campaign
This is divided into seven parts:
1) Telegram Airdrop Referral Campaign (43.75%): Please talk to our Telegram airdrop bot!
2) Bitcointalk Signature Campaign (12.5%): Stakes-based allocation
3) Facebook and Twitter Campaign (25%): Fixed-token allocation
4) Written/Video Content Creation Campaign (2.5%): Stakes-based allocation
5) Medium Campaign (3.75%): Fixed-token allocation
6) Reddit Campaign (5%): Fixed-token allocation
7) Steemit Campaign (7.5%): Fixed-token allocation

Token value: 1 PVS = US$0.010
Note: Tokens will be distributed 1 week after the end of the bounty campaign. All token will be distributed through Exchange.
For all participants except Telegram Airdrop campaign: As Proof of Authentication (POA), please post on this thread
1) Your Bitcointalk username,
2) Telegram username,
3) ETH wallet address and
4) Which campaign(s) you are participating in.

Tracking of activities:

1) Telegram Airdrop Referral Campaign: No POA required. Just speak to the airdrop bot directly.
2) Bitcointalk Signature Campaign: POA + Change your signature/avatar. NO Google form.
3) Facebook and Twitter Campaign: POA + Update activities on thread weekly. NO Google form.
4) Written/Video Content Creation Campaign: POA + Fill in Google form
5) Medium Campaign: POA. NO Google form.
6) Reddit Campaign: POA + Send screenshot via Google form + Update activities on thread weekly. NO Google form.
7) Steemit Campaign: POA + Update activities on thread weekly. NO Google form.

The week usually begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Please ensure that your activities are updated in this thread and Google forms are filled in weekly by the following Tuesday, otherwise your stakes may be forfeited.

Disclaimer: The awarding of stakes is up to the bounty campaign´┐Żs team discretion. We reserve the right to disqualify any participants who engage in dishonest behaviours.






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