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About tmoney.io

Time Money will be first decentralized platform for people to meet, provide different services, coaching, consultation or any other help, which is time or task based.
Unique per minute calculation system and blockchain technology makes platform to be secure and transparent. We will ensure that these meetings between users are mutually beneficiary, great quality and rewarded. All transactions between users will be written in Smart contract-based payment gateway with transactions recorded in Blockchain, which currently is most secure system and open to the world.
Our team consist of highly respected and recognized Latvian entrepreneurs, who came together and are doing first Latvia ICO. CEO Oskars Dombrava has big experience in telecommunications and internet marketing (+10 years) and has been developing and leading project since 2016. Platform logic and workflow was developed in USA, Florida by doing focus groups, consulting advisers from worldwide venture capital and telecom companies. As soon as Blockchain became more popular, we knew it was right next step, as we wanted decentralized on demand service, meeting platform, where users are secure and free.
Currently there is no other application in the market, which allows to provide any skill set on demand and get paid that time calculated per minute basis. Well known on-demand applications are niche orientated, example Uber is for rides, Airbnb is for rentals, however there is no united and decentralized solution. We see that on-demand meeting, job market is growing and real value is time. Current trend worldwide is for people to get out of 9-5 jobs, so our platform is next logical step for that.
Time Money platform will have its internal currency- TMONEY token. TMONEY token will allow users not to depend on banks or any other financial institutions. TMONEY is based on Ethereum protocol and it will be used for all transactions in Time Money platform. TMONEY token is controlled by the Time Money users, which is independent and ruled by the community, so fees will be only for gas to transfer. By using cryptocurrency, it will give people relevant flexibility to use tokens as they want. Since TMONEY is attached to Ethereum, then it will be very easy to convert to any well recognized crypto or fiat currency.

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