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For centuries banks have exercised a stranglehold on the underprivileged and created a system of suppression and exploitation. In order to be able to participate in the banking system people were forced to hand over their assets to a group of irresponsible gamblers at best or white collar criminals at worst. Banks designed a system to punish people who own less and subsidize people who own more. The less money you have, the higher the costs to access banking services – from interest rates to account fees. If you are wealthy, most fees are waived and interest rates are low. This dichotomy keeps the underprivileged trapped in a vicious cycle out of which there is no escape.
We envision a world where traditional banks have become obsolete. Banking is provided as a service on top of a decentralized wallet, allowing individuals to have complete control of their assets. Individuals lend to each other, individuals invest in each other, individuals transact with each other – directly – without the need for intermediaries.
We are building a revolutionary peer-to-peer banking ecosystem on top of a distributed blockchain platform secured by a bulletproof identity management system. The stability and liquidity in our ecosystem is guaranteed by fiat-backed tokens. Our AI-based risk and compliance tools protect the individuals and the integrity of our environment.
IUNO is banking as a service built on top of a multi-currency wallet that resides on a blockchain. It provides access to all kind of financial services to the users of the IUNO wallet: payments can be sent to other users instantaneously all over the world, funds can be held in the wallet or can be invested and earn interest, debit cards can draw funds from the wallet, and users can obtain loans.
We believe that businesses should focus on providing outstanding service to their clients instead of navigating the turbulent waters of the financial system. Our goal is to equip merchants that have been left out of the mainstream financial system with the most cutting-edge technology tools to eliminate chargebacks, mitigate compliance risk and reduce transaction costs.

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