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Gozo is the industry-first blockchain-enabled loyalty points clearinghouse, and travel savings club.

By leveraging blockchain technology, Gozo is providing greater efficiency, liquidity and travel savings to the consumer. Gozo�s simple and user friendly app allows users to harness the power of blockchain to track and exchange valuable loyalty reward points into crypto tokens, or Gozo travel club membership. Gozo Travel Club Members benefit from wholesale priced travel and access to premium benefits such as free airport VIP lounge access, travel insurance, best price guarantee, medijet evacuation and more.

Loyalty point partner programs will also reap benefits from Gozo�s tokenized loyalty reward platform. Partners can customize the Gozo platform to fit their loyalty reward plan for their customers, providing partners with secure, transparent and frictionless customer experience.


GOZO is starting their Official Bounty Program in order to reward supporters. 10,000,000 GOZO tokens ($200,000.00) are to be distributed as follows:

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Multirole Utility Token:

  • Enables exchange and liquification of loyalty reward points from various providers.
  • Enables membership on the Gozo PLUS travel club.
  • Grants access to wholesale priced travel products and services.
  • Acts as a universal loyalty reward token for use on the Gozo platform.

Wallet and Loyalty Points Clearinghouse

  • Users can hold, send, and receive the GOZO token, and 100+ of the most popular crypto tokens.
  • Track, manage and exchange both off-chain and on-chain loyalty reward points from multiple loyalty reward programs.
  • Cryptocurrency and Loyalty reward points can be exchanged for GOZO tokens or other loyalty reward points, seamlessly in the wallet, or for other crypto tokens through an integrated exchange.

PLUS Travel Club

  • Gozo has partnered with one of the largest global travel aggregators in the world.
  • Gozo Wallet holders can join the Gozo PLUS travel club with a monthly or annual fee in GOZO tokens, or equivalent in fiat.
  • Gozo PLUS members earn additional GOZO tokens for all their travel purchases on Gozo PLUS booking engine and also monthly per their membership tier.
  • Club Features
    • travel savings that range from a low of 5% up to 30% or even higher for special deals.
      • high value tr
        avel benefits including premium airport lounge access, travel insurance, medi-jet evacuation, a best price promise, and much more, all included as part of the travel club membership.

      Do I have to be a member to download and use the Wallet?

      • No, the Gozo Wallet is available for use by anyone. Once the Wallet is available in Q1-2019, you would be able to download and install it on your mobile device, or PC, and then use it to manage your crypto tokens and loyalty reward points.

      Can I join Gozo.io travel membership now?

      • Gozo is not live nor accepting members yet. Per the roadmap, Gozo plans to open for membership in 2019.

      Can anyone buy GOZO tokens for the ICO?

      • The tokens are geo-restricted for those residing in locations where regulations may prohibit the sale of certain tokens.

      Will GOZO tokens be tradeable on my favourite exchange?

      • We cannot guarantee the availability of GOZO tokens on any exchanges since the exchanges elect which tokens to accept. However, the GOZO travel reward token is likely to be considered extremely valuable because of the travel discounts it unlocks, making exchanges more likely to list GOZO for trading.

      Will I be able to use GOZO tokens to pay for flights on my favorite airline, buy cruises, hotel rooms, or rent cars?

      • Yes. GOZO tokens will give you discounts for travel arrangements made through Gozo PLUS as a subscribing member. While it is possible that your tokens can pay for your entire travel plan, this will depend on the costs involved and the eventual value of the GOZO tokens.

      Do I have to join Gozo to get tokens?

      • No. You can buy GOZO tokens via the ICO offer directly or on exchanges after the ICO. If you choose to join Gozo, you can earn GOZO loyalty tokens through your monthly or annual membership, and also by purchasing discounted travel.

      What makes Gozo travel membership and the Gozo loyalty rewards program better than frequent flyer programs?

      • Gozo membership gives you immediate discounts on travel that will probably pay for your membership on your first or second booking. As you use your Gozo PLUS membership, you gain GOZO loyalty tokens that give you discounts to use anyway you like on the Gozo platform. Instead of restrictions for using of frequent-flyer points, GOZO loyalty tokens gives you the freedom to get discounts anytime and in any way you want.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gozo_io

Telegram https://t.me/gozo_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gozo.io/?view_public_for=1938287966214957

Medium: https://medium.com/@gozo.io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gozo-io/

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