[BOUNTY] SKYNET – World’s First Blockchain IoT Chip $400.000 WORTH OF

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About skynet.co

The New Intelligent World Will Run On Skynet

Skynet Will Address the Problems With Blockchain Adoption and IoT Functionality by Providing an End-to-End System Comprised of the World’s First Blockchain Chip and a HyperScalable IoT Blockchain Network. Billions of License Free Blockchain Chips will be deployed to devices around the world and connected by Skynet’s blockchain network, enabling the real-world infrastructure for blockchain technology while making Skynet the most adopted end-to-end ecosystem.
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Skynet Core is a license free Risc-V Blockchain Chip that can replace the existing CPU with a core optimized for the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology.

32 bit RISC-V Blockchain Core with CPU and Hardware Wallet blocks for standard IoT Devices.
64 bit RISC-V Blockchain Core with Tensor Processing, Hardware Wallet, and Hash Acceleration for Edge Intelligence.
64 bit RISC-V Blockchain Core for Hash Acceleration, AI-protected Cold Storage, and Tensor Processor Array for Complex Intelligence.


ICO Pre-Sale Countdown

Future Bonus: 50 %

0/150,000,000,000 SON

1 Skynet Token(SON) = 1 SKYNET, 1 LIGHT, 1 SINGULARITY


Total Tokens Avaliable: 1 Trillion SON
Price Per Token – $.00035
Soft cap: 3 Million USD
Hard cap: 38 Million USD

Team Members

Bounty Allocation $400.000 worth of SON tokens.

Signature Bounty 35%
Youtube/Blog/Article 15%
Facebook Bounty 10%
Twitter Bounty 10%
Translation Bounty 10%
Telegram Bounty 10%
Linkedin Bounty 5%
Medium Bounty 10%

Social Links

Twitter twitter.com/OpenSingularity
Facebook facebook.com/OpenSingularity
Telegram SkynetOpenNetwork
Reddit reddit.com/r/SkynetProject/

Medium medium.com/skynetproject
WhitePaper lightpaper.pdf

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