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About nortonchain.io

with the sole aim of executing free transactions and giving high level of security to all users.
Nortonchain is an open source distributed ledger that is built to solve the problems faced by the existing blockchains. Nortonchain Technology is set to rid the confirmation of transactions by miners that lead to the high cost of transaction fees and delays in delivery of funds when transferred from one wallet or account to another. With Nortonchain, users verify each others transactions and this is made very automatic through artificial intelligence embedded into each account once created, the artificial intelligence creates child of itself for each new account or wallet created and this child helps the transactions made on its wallet confirmed instantly as information about previous transactions and every transaction made is already known to the Chain. This is how distribution and validation is made possible between users account. This distributed ledger is the true intention blockchain was originally built; a system where transactions would be instant, secure and free.
Nortonchain serves a major purpose of being an ecosystem which embodies other independent Platforms. Nortonchain Technology is built to go miles further from the existing peers. Now, with the Power of Nortonchain Developers of different industries having minimum level of programming now have the leverage of creating and building new problem solving projects and also having the flexibility of using the added super amazing features of Nortonchain Technology. It allows for the customization and configuration of the intended new platform to be built giving them ultra-speed, tight security, simplicity, zero fees transaction and more. On Nortonchain, developers do not have to border about coding their independent Platforms. The built in AI system is programmed to execute task of all kinds through a few lines of commands issued to it through code snippets or voice commands.
Job search becomes crystal clear with the power of smart contracts. When a company hires an employee, all participants in the key stages of hiring get rewards. Blockchain enables to reduce the costs of hiring and cut the commission of middlemen.
Nortonchain has its own explorer where all transactions are recorded, a distributed ledger. In the case of Bitcoin’s Blockchain, the distributed ledger is completely public and giving the public full access and information on all transactions. However, it is possible for ledgers to be made private, where transactions are completely hidden from the public. The user has to choose either to go public and trade privacy for it or to go private and trade transparency. To rid this confusion Nortonchain implements the wraith protocol on the Nortonchain Explorer. This protocol allows users to switch at their own choice time when to go public and when to go private. They can switch between these two ledgers (public and private) on the Explorer which ever they want to use.

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