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About konkrete.io

Konkrete is a security tokenization platform focused on the Real Estate Sector. Using Blockchain technology, we allow anyone to invest in real estate projects, be they property, developments, or funds, from anywhere in the world.
We achieve this by having a decentralised and distributed registry, which will provide liquidity to investors.
Rising house prices are preventing home buyers from entering the market. On the other hand, existing owners find it difficult to access the equity in their properties. Lastly, getting into the property investment game is cost-prohibitive for most budding investors. Konkrete solves the affordability challenge by connecting buyers, owners and investors in a unique structure powered by blockchain.
Konkrete helps Property Developers raise capital faster through a global network of property investors and aspiring homeowners. This reduces heavy reliance on banks and closed networks of investors. Liquidity for investors from day 1 encourages repeat investments in subsequent projects within a shorter interval too.
Unlisted Retail REITs lack investor visibility and face higher investor acquisition costs. Lack of liquidity also results in investors not finding them as attractive as other offers. These conditions often make it more difficult and more expensive to subscribe the fund. Konkrete makes these funds visible to its global network while maintaining the security of investment offers through the use of smart contracts.
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