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ittieFIGHT is gamified with a unique economic token model utilizing limited supply with suppressed emissions and incentivized crowd dynamics to drive up each value of token necessary to reward owners of Cryptokitties non-fungible tokens. The kittieFIGHT Dapp also solves the problem of oversupply of Cryptokitties via euthanasia/kittie-sink called kittieHELL. The sink effect from fights also serves to create demand for new kitties on the Cryptokitties platform. Winners of fights on the kittieFIGHT platform can trade winning tokens to buy more Cryptokitties collectibles.

In the KittieFIGHT token economy there are a total of 100 million utility tokens that will never change in number. The value of each token is supposed to increase with the growth in usage or utility of the KittieFIGHT token in fees payments i.e for fight scheduling, buying tickets to the fight, supporting and for redeeming loosing cats. The fight scheduling fees, tickets and kittie redemption fees adjustment will come into effect with significant growth in utility and subsequent value of KittieFIGHT tokens.

When a fight is scheduled, there is an initial jackpot/honeypot of Ether and kittieFIGHT tokens. The ether amount is drawn from the kittiefight endowment fund, while the tokens are the amount of tokens drawn from the token reward allocation (70%) or endowment fund. Token reward allocation is the amount of tokens scheduled as rewards for fight winners.
 For any bet to be valid, a predetermined minimum amount of kittiefight tokens is required. Higher token bets increase the probability (by narrowing the range of values chosen from) of matching a previous supporters random bet values, resulting in a harder hit, which can depreciate opponents defenses faster. Bets can be in the form of tokens only or tokens and Eth at the same time.

The Eth bets on the other hand are purely incentivized by the Ether Jackpot which will continue to grow in size due to greed. We have empirical data from the likes of FOMO3D holding 43 million dollars worth of Ether (https://www.ccn.com/self-proclaimed-exit-scam-and-gambling-dapps-rake-in-43m-in-ether/) from a similar game theoretic mechanism called "war of attrition". The top bettors get to share a larger piece of the honeypot with the fight winner. 
There are two allocation and two mechanisms affecting each of them :

   1. Eth jackpot (For each fight )
          – the jackpot is incremented by Ether bets during the game
   2. Token reward (For each fight )
          – token reward is incremented by token bets during the game
    The two allocations and incrementation scheme contribute to the continually growing Jackpot known as the jackpot/honeypot
  Then each allocation in the honeypot  is split up between fight winner, and the top two winners and the rest of the supporters on the winning side and finally platform supporters/backers as such :
  – 35% (Eth & KittieFIGHT tokens ) to the fight winner (owner of cat fighter )
  – 25% (Eth & KittieFIGHT tokens )to the top bettor
  – 10% (Eth & KittieFIGHT tokens  )to second runner-up top bettor
  – 20% (Eth & KittieFIGHT tokens ) split equally to all the rest of bettors on the winning side
  – 10% (Eth & KittieFIGHT tokens  ) to SuperDAO (www.SuperDAO.io )token holders and
  – 5% recycled back in to the Kittiefight endowment fund to keep the pool for fight jackpots well funded. The Kittiefight endowment fund is the pool of eth and or tokens that each scheduled fights draws its jackpot/honeypot from. The honeypot is the catalyst for participation of all fighters and supporters
Let us know your thought about Kittiefight.

Before stating your opinion regarding Kittiefight please read more here  and visit our webpage. Thanks

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