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About cryptocean.io

We are not a bank, but we render a lot of services that traditional banks offer. We also give banks the opportunity to join our ecosystem. You can: – Make payments – Accept payments – Convert funds into various currencies – Put fiat and crypto currencies onto debit and credit cards accounts – Pay salaries – Pay bills – Make automatic transfers and may other operations
No, Cryptocean differs from typical crypto exchanges. Security: Cryptocean only uses established decentralised accounts and wallets. You control your funds, passes and keys until you decide to send them to somebody or to use them somehow else. Regulation: The majority of crypto exchanges do not operate fully legally. It means that they may disappear at any moment and there will be nobody to bring claims to. It has happened before. We are aiming at making our business fully legal and regulated which will allow our clients to be sure that we are rendering legally safe long-term services. Simplicity: Cryptocean will provide you with one account for the fiat funds and cryptocurrencies, which means that you will not need to open separate accounts in banks and crypto exchanges.
OK, Cryptocean is neither a bank, nor an exchange. Is it a wallet? Or a payment system?

We compare Cryptocean with the house that has a solid foundation. In the ecosystem’s foundation there are services for business, exchanges and banks. It means that any bank or an exchange or a company may join the ecosystem and see all requests on purchasing or selling of crypto currencies, on making money transfers or requests and offers of certain financial services, for example a requests on purchasing 10 coins at the price of 10 dollars and place your own offer, or fulfill the request at the offered price. It creates the unprecedented level of liquidity and will allow Cryptocean to use the strategy of partnership insted of competetiveness. We will not have competitors – with this approach it will be more profitable for them to become our partners. Services to individuals, retailers and others, like wallets, plastic crypto cards, escrow accounts will work on a higher level. Such architecture will allow us to offer the best terms for out clients and partners.
How do my operations with accounts in Cryptocean differ from those in the traditional bank?

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