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This bounty is powered by Crowdholding. The Crypto co-creation platform that has over 30k sign ups and over 70 projects. To see more bounties, airdrops and tasks click here – https://www.crowdholding.com

Our task today is about how here at CH we can "know your users" which we will call KYU. Lets ignore legality in this, but focus on how we can showcase all of you as "real people, with real knowledge."

The idea is simple:

Under your user profile we would make a feature to allow you to upload/link a video that will be displayed in your profile, which people can see or not see (depending what you want to lock in your profiles settings)

The video can be about your bio, and what you're interested in or it can be as simple as saying, "hello crowdholders" being only a few seconds. This would unlock you to be able to participate in additional future features.


In case people who do not want to do it ( to stay more anonymous), we could instead give you credibility points shown to the project owners which could have only additional perks of getting more rewards who participate in our KYU.

So why? For clients who pay for tasks, it assures them Crowdholding users are "real people, with real knowledge." Issues resulting in bounty's from other sites is the problem of fake accounts. And the thought is, projects will appreciate working with all of you because you have identified as a real person.

End of the year we plan to build our gamification system, so this could be an important spec after we hear your thoughts. So here are our questions:

– Would you create a fast video saying hello about yourself?
– What's your thoughts of this KYU system?
– Where do you see problems? Would people be reluctant to do it and it could hinder our user retention?

We look forward to your feedback!

To participate :-

1) Sign up to Crowdholding for free by clicking here – http://bit.ly/2AItxI9

2) Leave your feedback to the questions above in the comment section

3) Once the task has expired, your tokens will be moved to your profile, where you can move them to your wallet. No need for a spreadsheet.


We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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