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Anyone who exchanges �ISKRA (CCOH)� will be able for 14 days to return the token and get his money back, less (eth-gas, cards fee, …) in the same way he has exchanged!


A decentralized fund for helping children and a currency that convertible into diamonds today. ERC-20.      RU ver.


★ISKRA★  provided with diamonds.

Investments can bring not only profit, but also create good!

Social responsibility should be rewarded.

You earn – we help children!

Everyone is able to help and get a reward.

Blockchain + DECENTRALIZED fund helping children + diamonds = Lucem-Project

Secured currency is a safe investment and a profit, that brings good!

 We want, that ISKRA would be not simply secured, but also is profitable!
The price of diamonds is resistant to cataclysms and more stable than gold! 

ISKRA gives you a unique opportunity to exchange it at any time for diamonds using the Rapaport + GIA certificate.
It means, that you will always have the pure price without intermediaries and it will save you from 10 up to 50% from the cost of a brilliant.

Today, only large companies on the burse have the ability to trade using the Rapaport Price List, and they also are stock brokers. 
Today, these are our partners and the list of them will expand to include the whole world! 




It is disappointing when in the modern world, more money is spent on maintaining and servicing foundations than the foundations themselves spend on actual projects. Changing this system is long overdue, and every voice counts in society!
| ★ |⭐PIVATE PRE-TOKEN⭐ beginning: Dec/9/2018 | ★ | ⭐WEBSITE⭐ | ★ | ⭐TELEGRAM⭐ | ★ | ⭐TWITTER⭐  | ★ | ⭐BOUNTY⭐ | ★ | ⭐FACEBOOK -dev status⭐ | ★ | ⭐VK -dev status⭐ | ★ |



The price of diamonds is more stable than the price of gold !!!


We believe that we can call this path -ICO v3.0

We want every project that goes into cryptocurrency to first set aside 10% of the coin or token bank to be transferred to social programs!

This is the only way that society can actually influence its future.

Example: If the creator of Bitcoin had founded a social foundation and transferred 500,000coins to it at the very beginning,
then today that fund would have had 1.8$-3$ billion.

And people themselves would have able to spend this money on social programs, independent of the government and bankers.
ISKRA This is a real chance for our society to be a modern society with social accountability!



Name: ISKRA - Crypto Coin Of Hope
 Ticker: CCOH
Type: ERC-20
 Max Amount: 300.000.000
Contract Address:⭐Addres⭐





Anyone who applies before Dec/10/2018, for bounty registration, will receive a reward at ISKRA (CCOH).
Anyone who places a link to bounty registration online (on the website, in a blog, on YouTube, etc.) before Dec/10/2018,  
will receive a reward.
These awards will be paid regardless of whether you are accepted into the bounty program or not!
For more information developers will weekly announce on official project channels. JOIN US!

If YOU are incognito and want to help the project, you can transfer any amount to ours wallet:

Ethereum: 0xaC8CF8BD4f15e2dd9f82F0D9778544A74F8e3e76

BitCoin: 32ecKYvz8gcX6QKrpbQRbgr421jvVQpGAJ


⭐Translation company⭐




||| If each of us will do good within the limits of it possibility, the possibilities of good will become unlimited |||


Please respect the team, forum administrators and all of its members!
We value feedback, as this will help us improve our community and project.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iskra20951467

Telegram https://t.me/Iskracoin

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