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The Qbase blockchain commenced on 14 September 2018. After engagement with many
original community investors, it was decided to salvage what we could from the Qbase code
and relaunch it as a fair-distribution store-of-value cryptocurrency. A supporting use-case
was subsequently identified and work documenting the plans ahead are forthcoming. Team
members are all voluntary and part-time, so no date is specified.

The Qbase Foundation Community Team will introduce each of a roadmap and lightpaper
upon completion. A whitepaper will follow at a later date.

What have we done to improve this cryptocurrency?

We changed the paramaters of Qbase to strike the desirable balance between encouragement
of mining and investment of QBS in the holding of masternodes. Originally, the coin was 60%
to miners and 40% to masternodes, and the developer presold a few masternodes, then
abandoned the community with the proceeds. We have adjusted the parameters for 70% to
miners and 30% to masternodes. Masternodes may be obtained from mining production and/or
from purchases on trading exchanges. The Foundation does not sell masternodes. We aim to
make Qbase more profitable to mine than other masternode coins. However, masternodes do
serve a purpose, so it is essential to strike the proper balance.

The team is dedicated to bringing this project to reality.

The cryptocurrency part of this project is a complete product and is ready to be assigned to the
forthcoming blockchain project. The two will not be held separate, and the team is focused on
the continuing work to be done on the blockchain.

We have rejuvenated a cryptocurrency to a finished state to enable the use of its blockchain.
We are not looking to alter any further code in the cryptocurrency portion that comprises Qbase.

We appreciate everyone doing their own due diligence on their personal investments and we are
always here to discuss any concerns that our community might have.
We are always open to recruiting additional team members.

What do we want to achieve with this blockchain?

We are proud to announce, the Qbase Blockchain Development Vision.

Our roadmap and lightpaper will each be released upon completion in the near future.
Our whitepaper will follow at a later date.

Coin Specifications

Coin Name: Qbase
Ticker: QBS
Algo: x16s
Reward: 50 QBS (reward emission will decrease as noted below)
Time: 120 seconds
Maturity: 51 blocks
Diff Retargeting: DGW3
MN Collateral: 10,000 QBS
POW Reward: 70% (35 QBS prior to emissions decrease)
MN Reward: 30% (15 QBS prior to emissions decrease)
Emissions Decrease: 15% every 60K blocks
Total Supply: 20,000,000 (20 million)
Revival Development Fund: 140,000 QBS (mostly expended)
RPC port: 13741

Wallet Version 2.0


Block Explorer


Mining Software



Public Pools

All Known Public Pools Listed On Explorer
All Known Public Pools Listed on PoolExplorer.com

Masternode Setup


Mining Calculators and Information Services

Github: https://github.com/Qbase-Foundation/QBase-Core/releases/download/v2.0.0.0/Win64.7z

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