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✅A coin you will spend more than trade✅

MCPC coin is working to simplify the exchange of coin into fiat and back. How many times have you tried to do this but the fees and tools are overtly cumbersome and expensive? We aim to streamline this entire process.

We will also create a marketplace platform, think Amazon, think eBay, think freedom to use your MCPC coin to purchase or sell any goods or services as you see fit. Essentially, we will create a community where you will be able to buy and sell anything you would like. Initially, we will be offering phone codes for data/minutes and basically topping up your time with much more to come.

On pricing and volitility. With our streamlined exchange and payment processing platform we will be able to stabilize pricing. With the structure we have set up, any fees collected should also increase price, therefore increasing your overall value and investment. Join us and be part of the functional future of crypto currency!


Based on teams rich crypto experience, the team is made of well known crypto experts in all fields of crypto currency industry. Core team is most important in every bussiness and especially crypto space, so we gathered individuals who are first of all friends and crypto collegues for many months, with each one experienced in certain field of crypto. Combining all our forces together guarantees that MCPC will be one of the coins that will lead the market technology, others will surely follow our path.  Taking all the best from succesfull projects and cutting out the worst � will make MCPC most desireable and valuable useable coin on the market


✅Our Discord&Telegram is now open for the public, and presale will start after wp release, and when the webpage is finished✅

✅There will also be some startup Airdrops and Bountys on our Discord & Telegram channels✅

Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/EivOuk_k5IqmGv7RpdEzdg

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/ECwmrAe

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