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               Official website : https://minerta.io/

Our coin is named �Minerta�, a cryptocurrency mining operation where we mine reliable and profitable cryptocurrency to best benefit Minerta investors. Further, reinvestment profits from mining operations through AI trade to provide monthly dividends to our investors. Holders must comply with the conditions stated under �Return payment conditions� (See Whitepaper P.4) in order to receive such returns.

We have recently launched our new investment service. It is called �CAMP� (Cryptocurrency Allocation Management Program) run by AI and trader system. Investors are required to hold according amount of Minerta Coin to use such service. The higher the service users the higher the demand generated for the coin.

Currently, we are developing �Minerta2GO� application, which expect to be launched during Q4/2018-Q1/2019. It is a mobile wallet provides convenience, speed and security to participated stores and users mainly by sending and receiving Minerta-to-Minerta right in the app. This application aims to create a real usage and demand for the coin and eventually to be widely used in the market.

Our coin Minerta (MIT) is currently listed on Stellarport.io exchange



Find Dividend Terms and Conditions under 'Return Payment Conditions' stated in Whitepaper
Direct link to Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/2QikeHk

Direct link to Dividend Profile:https://bit.ly/2QcXTed




The objective of Minerta2GO application is focused on making use of digital currencies accessible and easier for all users even those who are not familiar with digital currencies. This service enables users and stores to send and receive Minerta coin right in the application. Users are not only able to make in-app purchases but also able to sell in-app products in the form of Minerta coin.
Within the application, it allows a real time connection between the stores and users through Chat and FaceTime functions. Minerta2GO is developed to exclusively service Minerta investors by allowing them to invest with our company�s services such as �CAMP� and �Dividend� program via the application. The intents aim to increase demand for Minerta coin and eventually reach the expected number of users and stores.

Benefits and Functions

1. Convenience: Send/receive Minerta-to-Minerta transactions can be easily made by using QR code which makes users find it convenient to use. It also allows users to monitor their balances right in the app.
2. Speed: The operation of Minerta2GO application is run on Stellar, a very fast, instant, and efficient platform with very low fees to process send/receive transactions.
3. Security:  With Minerta2GO, send and receive Minerta transactions are based on blockchain, the technology that is cryptographically secured and provide integrity to all transactions.  Users can securely process and privately track their transactions on Stellar-based platform.
4. Return: Investment feature of the application include CAMP and Dividend functions which are 24/7 hours available to service Minerta investors.
5. Accessibility: Users and stores can make a real time connection via in-app chat and facetime.
6. Marketing Support: Users can freely make in-app purchases or sell in-app products. They are also allowed to promote their business and drive as many customers as possible through the application. Meanwhile, they can collect and share reviews from positive customer feedback to boost reputation.

Future Objectives
1. Develop Minerta Coin into a crypto coin. Improve the speed and security of Minerta Coin in order to become a competitive cryptocurrency option in the future.
2. Create a private digital wallet to support Minerta2Go application.
3. Develop our �Dividend� system into the form of DVI-POS, aiming to become a unique cryptocurrency known as a dividend-paying company, and utilizing the POS system, in which shareholders profit from transaction fees in addition to mining. DVI will be used for developing the system of dividend generated from mining to Holders of Minerta coins.
4. Employ clean energy technology such as solar cells and thermoelectricity, which uses heat generated during mining to produce electricity. This electricity can then be used to power further mining in order to reduce electricity costs and help cool equipment during operation. These clean energy sources will also help reduce global warming.
5. Utilize Minerta coin as an intermediate asset to exchange both premium and normal package of �CAMP� services. This in turn to encourage a practical use of the coin in the market.
6. Develop Minerta2Go application to be widely used in the market in order to gain real demand for Minerta Coin.

Our community
Telegram  (2.2K Followers) : https://t.me/minertaofficial
Facebook  (2.1K Followers) : https://www.facebook.com/minerta.io/
Twitter     (1.2K Followers) : https://twitter.com/Weareminerta
Youtube    (1.7K Followers) : https://bit.ly/2zknzw8

Visit our website https://minerta.io/

Whitepaper Link https://bit.ly/2QikeHk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Weareminerta
Telegram https://t.me/minertaofficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minerta.io/

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