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Bitsex is a Digital currency, which aims at improving one of the biggest industries in the world.
The digital currency unifies all sectors of the adult industry making financial transactions less costly, safe and seamless.
It is the mainstream way to purchase and get paid for adult-related content.
It works as a payment way for opening accounts. Bitsex allows for an easy and accessible pay-ment system for the adult industry.
It gives freedom to adult content producers and consumers to be creative without being judged and taken advantage of because of the nature of their business.
The Bitsex acts as a substitute to traditional payment methods.


—-Coin specs—-

Suppose there is a website, which allows Bitsex for making payments.
You visit the website, and find some content interesting and want to purchase premium video content.
The video cost is 100 BTSX.You choose Bitsex as a payment method
and reach the payment page.Now, you enter the amount of Bitsex you want to pay.
You use your crypto wallet, for example; Bitsex Wallet, and pay 100 Bitsex.
The website receives 100 Bitsex in its crypto wallet and unlocks the premium content that you wanted

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitsexcoin/
Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/HZGyHxTmCUyKWh_CjjiAbw
Github: https://github.com/bitsex/bitsex/releases

Discord: https://discord.gg/Mpw7tYg

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