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Accumulus Threat Shield – A unified cybersecurity platform for Powered by Blockchain technology.

2,500,000 ATST token available for Airdrop pool at 0.10 usd per token.
USD value $250,000

About GBMS Tech

GBMS Tech is a UK-based global cybersecurity company founded on the principle that in a world of increasing cyber attacks, preventing breaches is a far better option than curing them. GBMS Tech secured business continuity technologies provide proactive cybersecurity protection that is radically different to traditional reactive cybersecurity technologies available today. We design cybersecurity systems which not only eliminate the risk of a failure to regularly update the threat management systems, (in most cases this is human error) by changing the paradigm and creating a new kind of protection which does not rely on the identification of malicious code. Our technologies protect the host from all ´┐Żunknown´┐Ż and ´┐Żzero day´┐Ż viruses, unlike existing traditional anti-virus software.

Name:-                          Accumulus Threat Shield Token
Standard:-                    ERC20
Symbol:-                       ATST
Decimals:-                    18
Pre ICO Min Raise:-      US$1,000,000.00
ICO Hard Cap:-             US$13,000,000.00
Exchange:-                    0.1 USD
Currency:-                     ETH, BTC, LTC, GBP, BCH, DASH
Min purchase:-              $100 USD or Equivalent
Total tokens:-                318,943,989


2,500,000 ATST token available for Airdrop pool at 0.10 usd per token.
USD value $250,000
Participant Limit: 10,000

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Listed on-

ICOneat- https://iconeat.com/ico/accumulus-threat-shield-token/
ICOanalyst- https://www.icoanalyst.co/gbms-tech-announces-launch-accumulus-threat-shield-atst/
ICOport- http://www.icoport.jp/gbms-tech-announces-launch-accumulus-threat-shield-atst-of-ico-backed-by-next-gen-unified-cyber-security-techbullion/
Coinhub News- https://coinhub.news/cs/article/bitcointalk-annicoatst-a-unified-cyber-security-platform-in-blockchain-technologyatst

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ATSToken/status/1064818837303042048

Telegram https://t.me/acumulusthreatshield

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GBMSATST

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ATSToken
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdmUCUM7Cx28ugpImoyGuMA

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