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MYERS is a Decentralized exchange based on individual transactions to keep their asset safe. MYERS is a decentralized exchange where users can earn a dividend of a transaction fees.
Building a cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy task. Building an exchange that provides a complete set of tools and features is an even more challenging ambition. At Myers, we are conscious of the time, self-investment, passion and hard work a project like this demands.
From our point of view, we see two different categories of cryptocurrency exchanges: the big players on the one hand, and the challengers on the other hand. The ones we subjectively call the challengers do not care about their users or customers, and seem not worried about their credibility. The majority of them list all coins who accept to pay their expensive fees, and that’s it. They don’t interact with their customers, don’t make any improvements (such as UI upgrades), and only focus on maximising their incomes. They are very often not transparent at a point which it is, sometimes, for us, hard to understand how some users can trust them and engage their money on those exchanges. We think that it’s because some “low cap” alt coins are only available on those exchanges.
At Myers, we aim at providing the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and collaborative exchange platform in the market. One of the key aspect of our project is security. We want to provide to our users the most secure trading platform. To achieve that goal, we will work with the best known security experts in the market, be audited twice a year by independent security companies, and communicate our audit results to all of our users. Our security partners will be mentioned on our website. To go further in guaranteeing our users the safest trading experience, we will setup an insurance policy to refund our users in case of losses, due to an attack. You will find more details about our insurance policy below, in the Exchange Principles section. The other very important aspect is the collaborative interaction with our users. It is more than natural for us to involve our users in the evolution of our platform. We will have various communication channels open to interact with our users and we will make sure to respond to our users’ requests as promptly as possible. We want our community to get involved in the evolution of the platform, in terms of features to be developed, coins to be listed, and so on. A “Feature Request” function will be implemented for users to submit the features they would like to see on the platform. Last but not least, we will put all our efforts to provide our users with a comprehensive and ergonomic set of trading tools, including a large number of languages. We invite you to learn about the main features Myers will provide. Community feedbacks about those features are more than welcome !
Myers Beta Version and mobile apps released with active trading. Trading pairs to be announced at launch

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