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Leading file sharing services utilize centralized storage with high vulnerability signatures to store your important files and in addition, require their users to give total access to their desktop and files. Not only do they require this from the sender of large files but the receiver as well. This practice puts your data at great risk which often leads to compromising users computer’s security and also has the potential risk of virus contamination as many computer viruses infect a computer during the downloading process. There are plenty of horror stories.
Most of the file sharing services offer no solution for presentation of the files shared using their systems. Just boring links for your recipient to download. It may not seem like much of a problem, but it allows the receiver to see all the files at a glance, without downloading the files themselves or an intrusive program to see them. Our system is designed to allow our users to build a customizable secured webpage presentation or dashboard that can also be branded to look like a part of the sender’s company or personal website, complete with a personalized welcome message and personalized text message to the intended receiver. Sort of like Wix&#8482, but for large files.

Large storage space (gigabytes) required by file sharing services requires the receiver to download and install their invasive program before files can be viewed. This takes unnecessary storage space, time and effort on the part of the receiver.
Our competitors that allow for sharing of large files cannot make changes once a file has been sent. If someone accidentally sends the wrong file there is nothing that can be done about it. This can become a very costly mistake in cases where sensitive information was sent to the wrong individual. Our system allows for changes to be made in real time even after a link has already been sent and changes are made instantaneously.

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